about us

Young + in love.

Serving Christ.

Ready for an adventure.

This just about sums us up!

We got married in May, two thousand eighteen, after courting for nine months + being engaged for six. I tell you what, once you know when you meet THE ONE a short courtship is the way to go! We truly wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We both grew up in large Christian families – I have six siblings + mom and dad, and David has 12 siblings + his parents!

Lots of people ask/joke if we plan to have a big family, like our parents, and our answer is “hopefully yes!” We both love children, and we hope that in time we will be blessed with a quiver full of arrows.

All About David

  • He is 8th in his family line up
  • He has been working as a mechanic since he was 12 years old
  • His favorite hymn is “It Is Well With My Soul”
  • He’s super athletic
  • He has GOBS of freckles (I hope our children inherit them from him)
  • He is the best handyman ever, and never complains about his Honey-To-Do-List.

All About Tabitha

  • She enjoys writing, reading and interior design
  • She has been riding horses for 10 years and has given riding lessons for about 5 years
  • There is a 50/50 chance she’s either Bible journaling or watching Netflix
  • Her favorite hymn is “In The Garden”
  • She’s an introvert who thrives on individual, one on one conversation
  • She has an equal love for both coffee + tea

So, there’s a little bit about us! We hope that you will enjoy following along on our journey as it unfolds

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